Super 400 Pickguard

Regular price $269.00

The Gibson Super 400 pickguard is the epitome of elegance. The 400 guard is more shapely than other Gibsons, uses this marbleized brown pearloid material, and boasts 5 layers of White/Black binding. This material is very close to the Super 400 material used by Gibson, and big thanks to Paul Fox for finding it. This is a replacement pickguard for the Gibson Super 400, but it will fit and really level up the look of any 17 or 18-inch archtop. The guard measures about 10" long.  

I ship my guards undrilled to match all applications. Each guard is fully cut and polished by hand. Material pattern will vary between each guard. I use two layers to create the thickest outer binding layer, as Epiphone and Gibson have done. I find it lasts longer this way. 

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