Pajama Sam Rubber Bridge Guitar

Regular price $699.99

Check out the VIDEO of our rubber bridge guitars in action, in the 000 body size.

By popular demand from early PC gaming enthusiasts, this "Pajama Sam" rubber bridge guitar is built upon a Recording King dreadnought body style and features gold foil artwork by Cameron Knowler inspired by the smash hit (his words) Pajama Sam point-and-click CD-ROM adventures. In addition, we've dressed the frets, installed a microphonic gold foil soundhole pickup and internal piezo pickup for stereo use (with two jacks), added a vintage Harmony tailpiece, and rubberized the bridge. In our estimation, this configuration defamiliarizes the guitar just enough to explore new sounds readily, while feeling comfy all the while. Plug it in, play your favorite cello licks, and you’re off to the races! This particular guitar was played by Cameron, so has some minor scuffs from normal use. See the Stumpy model in our shop if you’re more of a small-bodied fan. 

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