NOS Super 400 Material

Regular price $349.00

This is a piece of out-of-production Gibson factory Super 400 marbleized celluloid pickguard material that they used until supplies dried up years ago. It's the second version of the Super 400 material, which is more cranberry colored than the more brown first version and modern replacement material. It measures 8 1/3" by 3 2/3" and is about 1/8" thick. It's just big enough for one 60's-and-up L-5 or Super 400 CES pickguard, or anything smaller than that. The material is in great shape, flat, and has no signs of any degradation. There are some light surface marks from handling, but they would be polished out in the guard making process. This listing is for the piece of raw celluloid material, but if you'd like me to make it into a guard for you, we can work out a deal.

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