"Mother Maybelle" Loar LH-600

Regular price $890.00

Demo video here: https://youtu.be/5K7CTUJRwLM Here we have a Loar LH-600 with a look inspired by American Traditional Music pioneer Mother Maybelle Carter's famous early Gibson L-5. These Loar's are made very similarly to those Gibsons - same dimensions, carved spruce top, similar hardware - but come with contemporary reliability and a (thankfully) much lower cost. This one in particular has a nice wide flame on the back, a 30's L-5 style dark red tort celluloid pickguard made in house by 1929, a properly fit bridge, and a good dollop of the "1929 Secret Sauce" everyone's talking about. Really great playing example that really has the tone and look of the 30's.

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