"Mother Maybelle" Loar LH-300

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Demo video here: https://youtu.be/EOhTkvj_P3M?si=yoPuuOVTvv-BVzIo Here we have a Loar LH-300 with a look inspired by American Traditional Music pioneer Mother Maybelle Carter's famous early Gibson L-5. These Loar's are made very similarly to those Gibsons - same dimensions, carved spruce top, similar hardware - but come with contemporary reliability and a (thankfully) much lower cost. We've added a 30's L-5 style dark red tort celluloid pickguard made in house by 1929, fit the bridge well to the top, and added a good dollop of the "1929 Secret Sauce" everyone's talking about. Really great playing example that really has the tone and look of the 30's. This is a used guitar, and it's in good, played condition. There's a little ding on the top corner of the headstock and some small scratches and light wear on the guitar body from normal use. No breaks, cracks, or repairs. Good neck angle with plenty of room to adjust the action to your preference.     

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