Loar LH Pickguard Package

Regular price $75.00

Everything you need to add a classic style pickguard to your "The Loar" archtop; you'll only need to drill 3 small holes in the guitar to attach. The pickguard is the shape of a '30s Gibson L-2 archtop, and is made from sturdy 1/8" thick tortoiseshell acrylic material with a vintage roundover edge. It has the mounting holes pre-drilled for easy installation. Also included is a chrome/silver bracket, mounting screws, and top-screw stand off (2 included for height adjustment). In addition to The Loar LH-300, LH-600, and LH-700, this package will also fit on any archtop with a 16" wide lower bout or narrower - from Epiphone, Kay, Harmony, Recording King, Kalamazoo, Godin, and many more makers. 

The pickguard is made from the same material as pictured, but the exact markings will vary from guard to guard. It measures 9 1/2" along the straight edge and 3 1/8 across at the widest point. 

To install, just attach the bracket to the guard, then place the guard on the guitar where you'd like it to fit. Put down some masking tape under the mounting holes, then mark the top hole location and drill it using a small bit. Remove the top masking tape and install the top screw with the rubber standoff between the guard and guitar. With the top now secured, locate and mark the two mounting holes on the side of the guitar where it fits most naturally. Install the bracket with two screws, and you're done! If the guard is loose on the lower bracket, place your finger on the nut under the guard to hold it in place and then tighten the lower bracket screw for a secure fit. 

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