Loar ES-150 Tuxedo

Regular price $1,099.99

Modded in-house by 1929, we've got a The Loar LH-309 built in the style of an old Gibson ES-150 Charlie Christian style guitar. The Loar has been modified to fit a Pete Biltoft CC pickup with a 3-point mount (custom wound to our specs), ES-250 repro knobs from TK Smith, a hand bound pearloid pickguard made by 1929 of course, CTS pots, paper in oil capacitor, and all new cloth wiring. 

How's it sound? Check out the video of 1929er Cameron Knowler running another Loar we modded like this one through a recent tweed Fender Blues Jr with all of the tone controls at noon, no tone shaping or effects. It sounds straight out of 1939!

This is a USED guitar that has been modified. That said, it's in very nice shape. I couldn't find any specific defects on it, and it's got a great neck angle. Solid little guitar! 

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