ES-150 CC Loar Backdate No. 002

Regular price $1,299.99

Modded in-house by 1929, we've got a 2007 The Loar LH-600 Backdated to an ES-150 Charlie Christian style guitar. The well-appointed Loar, with its Nitrocellulose finish over carved solid spruce top and carved solid mape back and sides, has been modified to fit a Pete Biltoft CC pickup with a 3-point mount (custom wound to our specs), ES-150 repro Bakelite knobs, hand bound tortoise pickguard made by 1929 of course, CTS pots, paper in oil capacitor, and a contemporary jack location. Includes the original Loar hardcase w/ black soft outside.

How's it sound? Check out the video of 1929er Cameron Knowler running the guitar through a recent tweed Fender Blues Jr with all of the tone controls at noon, no tone shaping or effects. It sounds straight out of 1939!

This is a USED guitar that has been modified. For a 15-year-old guitar, it's in very nice shape. It has just a couple small marks in the nitro that I've tried to highlight in the photos. I chipped a little 1/4" circle of finish above the pickup hole and re-attached it; it's not noticeable unless you're searching for it. I'm sorry. None of this affects play, and the neck joint is in great shape with a fantastic neck angle. The Nitro finish even has some nice checking starting to appear, the real good stuff.

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