Epiphone Zenith CC

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Modded in-house by 1929, we've got an Epiphone Masterbilt Zenith from the late 2010s, to which I've added a Vintage Vibe floating Charlie Christian pickup mounted on a custom pearl acrylic pickguard, Frequensator tailpiece, custom battery box cover and a properly fit ebony bridge. I've removed the original piezo pickup and electronics and replaced the battery box with a custom cover that holds the output jack. I also polished the guitar to a soft gloss that really looks great. This guitar has a really nice acoustic tone, and of course the CC pickup sounds beautiful plugged in. 

This is a USED guitar that has been modified. This one is in really nice condition, with very few visible scratches or dings in the finish. I chipped the finish near the nut on the headstock when I was working on it, and I've glued the chip back in. It's hardly noticeable, but it's not a stress crack or anything into the wood. I've shown it in the photos. The top of the guitar has NOT been cut for any of the modifications.

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