Epiphone Emperor Regent Cochran

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Modded in-house by 1929, we've got a very nice ambered natural Epiphone Emperor Regent. This is a very early Emperor Regent ('95) and was built in the preferable Korean Peerless factory. It has a wildly figured 1-piece back (ply) that I've tried to photograph. The pattern is complex and fully covers the entire back. We've added a Kent Armstrong neck P-90 and a bridge position Dearmond 2000 (Dynasonic) pickup, a black and white confetti pickguard (a la Gibson Le Grand), chicken head knobs, Bigsby B6 vibrato, CTS electronics, orange drop capacitor, and new Gotoh keystone tuners.

Eddie Cochran played a Gretsch with this pickup combo. The P-90 is smooth and bell-like, and the Dearmond is snappy like a Tele pickup, and the middle position is incredibly spanky. Honestly I think this might be my new favorite pickup combination. It really nails all the tones for rockabilly, jazz, swing, country, surf, jump blues... 

This is a USED guitar that has been modified. This one is in really nice condition for its age, with very few visible scratches or dings in the finish. We've glued a small crack in the finish that appeared along the binding near the headstock - there are no breaks or cracks to the headstock joint. This is a common issue on these 90s-00s Epi archtops.

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