Epiphone Emperor

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Up for sale is this 1993 Epiphone Emperor Imperial reissue. These were crafted in Japan in the early 90's in very low numbers, and are carved from solid woods and built the same way as the 30's Emperors. With a huge 18.5-inch lower bout and a properly-fit solid rosewood bridge, it can get LOUD. It has a huge, dynamic tone and plays in tune all the way up the neck. I've created an acrylic firestripe-y pickguard for it, which really fits with the iced tea burst and super cool amber Imperial tuner buttons. Nitrocellulose finish! This thing is the real deal. 

The neck is pretty fat, just like the early Emperors it's reissuing. Frets are in good shape and every piece of wood on this guitar is highly figured. Really cool early style asymmetrical headstock shape with lighter colored headstock veneer. This one is in above-player grade condition. The finish is strong and still very shiny, but there are a handful of impressions and dings in the body and headstock. 

Nothing that affects play, but there are 2 indentations on the Bass side upper bout front and a small finish scratch on the Treble side lower bout front. I've shown these in the photos. The top of the headstock has a finish chip that's been touched up colorwise. A few little scratches on the back of the headstock, and the back of the body has many tiny dents in the thin nitro finish, due to being played and bumping on the player's body. They're hard to capture in photos and are very small and lightly indented. There is a cleanly drilled hole near the endpin that someone added for a jack. I've got this one set up for acoustic play. Comes in a high quality hardshell case, yes a big 18.5" wide hard case. 

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