CC Epiphone Backdate No. 004

Regular price $999.99

Modded in-house by 1929, here's a late 2010's Epiphone Masterbilt Zenith (from the Century Collection) that we've Backdated to an ES-150 Charlie Christian style guitar. This 16" archtop has a solid spruce top and laminated maple sides and back, which are great for feedback suppression. It has been modified to fit a Pete Biltoft CC pickup with a 3-point mount (custom wound to our specs), ES-150 repro Bakelite knobs, hand bound Epiphone style tortoise pickguard made by 1929 of course, CTS pots, paper in oil capacitor, and a custom jack location. The original bridge has been replaced with a rosewood one, and the original electronics (piezo and preamp/battery) have been removed. The body has also been polished to a soft shine, as these are satin from the factory.

This is a USED guitar that has been modified. This one's got a few small nicks and light scratches, particularly on the back. Nothing huge in that regard, just visible at an angle in the light. There's one small finish crack that occurred under one of the CC adjustment screws that doesn't extend into the wood, but it did indeed ruin my afternoon. I also noticed a 1/2" ding on the back of the neck near the body. It's not noticeable while playing, but it's there. I also happened to mount my custom jack cover juuuuust too high and there's a tiny gap showing the edge of the old battery box hole. None of these thing affect play, but I've discounted the guitar accordingly. 

Plays great, looks slick, sounds straight out of 1939, and built with modern construction! 

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