Epiphone Broadway Filtertron

Regular price $799.00

Modded in-house by 1929, we've got an Epiphone Broadway that's perfect for rockabilly, jump blues, country, swing, you name it. It's been modified with a Gibson P-90 in the neck position and a Gretsch Filtertron in the bridge position. It has a Gibson style tailpiece, Switchcraft pots, new electronics, paper in oil capacitors, Grover tuning machines, and a custom Gibson Super 400 style pickguard (made from scratch by 1929 of course). I'll put the strap button back on before I ship it (whoops). Comes with a hardshell case!

This is a USED guitar that has been modified. For a ~25-year-old guitar, it's in pretty good shape. I believe this guitar may have been gigged previously, as there's a gold jack plate installed, and there are a couple finish cracks on the body around the neck joint. I've shown these in the photos, but there are no cracks in the wood or structure of the guitar. The neck joint is solid and not cracked whatsoever, as also shown in the photos. It's been strung up for weeks with no issues. 

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