Emperor / DeLuxe Guard

Regular price $199.00

The lovely "hump" guard was used on Epiphone's highest models. With a vintage correct 3 layers of hand-laid binding and dark brown tortoiseshell acrylic, this guard will bring back the glory of your old Epi. Or make your recent Masterbilt DeLuxe really stand out! This is a replacement pickguard for the Epiphone Emperor and De Luxe, but it will fit and really level up the look of any 17 or 18-inch archtop. The guard measures about 12" in total length. 

Check out our Materials & Colors page to see what we have available in addition to those listed. All bound guards also available with Cream binding instead of White; please leave a Note on your order. Use our Contact Form to order a custom guard or add details to your order. 

These guards are made-to-order, and the current build time is 2 weeks. 

I ship my guards undrilled to match all applications. Each guard is fully cut and polished by hand. Material pattern will vary between each guard. I use two layers to create the thickest outer binding layer, as Epiphone and Gibson have done. I find it lasts longer this way. 

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