Deku Rubber Bridge Guitar

Regular price $699.99

The final photo shows the latest (and final) batch of rubber bridges, including the Deku now available (center). The vintage tailpieces and sunburst color on the latest batch are what appear in the final photo.

Named after one of our shop frogs, the Deku model rubber bridge guitar is built upon a Recording King dreadnought body style. We dress the frets, hand cut an original 1929-designed armrest, install a microphonic gold foil soundhole pickup and internal piezo pickup for stereo use (with two jacks), rubberize the bridge, and overlay a glorious illustration of the little bugger himself on the headstock. In our estimation, this configuration defamiliarizes the guitar just enough to explore new sounds readily, while feeling comfy all the while. Plug it in, play your favorite cello licks, and you’re off to the races! See the Stumpy model in our shop if you’re more of a small-bodied fan.

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