Cutaway McCarty Pickup Pickguard

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Modeled after the vintage McCarty Pickup Pickguard combo, I've made some adjustments for both performance and affordability. The 5-ply black/white material sports a vintage wide beveled edge and was made using an original McCarty guard to make a template. However, I adjusted the shape of the guard at the top of the pickup "wing" where it meets the body. I tightened the corner radius to better fit around the end of the fretboard, tighter than was possible with the original design. I've also replaced the original's proprietary output jack with a 1/4" jack so you can use a normal guitar cable. One volume, one tone, and an alnico V wide single coil pickup.

Attach to your pickguard bracket, adjust the height of the lower bracket and top mount, and plug it in! Instantly electrify your cutaway acoustic archtop. No wiring required, though a simple ground wire to the tailpiece will alleviate what's left of the 60 cycle hum if you desire.  

I ship my guards undrilled to match all applications. Minimum space required between the top of the guitar and the bottom of the strings, when fretted at the last fret: ~.67 of an inch. Pickup and wire at the thickest point is .54 of an inch. Will not fit guitars with flush mounted fretboards, such as the Gibson L-48/L-50. Should fit most modern archtops, but triple check measurements on vintage guitars to ensure there's enough space between the strings and body. Each guard is made and wired by hand, and the current build time is between 1-3 weeks. 

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