CC Epiphone Backdate No. 003

Regular price $1,399.99

Modded in-house by 1929, we've got a 1996 Peerless-made Epiphone Emperor Regent Backdated to a 50s/60s jazz setup: a Charlie Christian pickup and a 17" Venetian cutaway L-5 shape. Jazz guitar greats Hank Garland, Barney Kessel, Tal Farlow... they all used a very similar setup. This early Emperor Regent, with its laminated spruce top and laminated flame maple sunburst back and sides (great for feedback suppression!) has been modified to fit a Pete Biltoft CC pickup with a 3-point mount (custom wound to our specs), black Chicken Head knobs, gold Gibson style tailpiece, hand bound tortoise celluloid pickguard made by 1929 of course, CTS pots, paper in oil capacitor, and a Switchcraft jack. Nice Gotoh tuners too! All the good stuff. Includes a hardcase!

This is a USED guitar that has been modified. For a 26-year-old guitar, it's in very nice shape. It has just a couple small nicks and dings in the finish like any used guitar, and the neck joint looks like the finish cracked and was glued at some point. (EDIT: After looking at the other 2 Emperor Regents and 2 Broadways I have on hand, all of them have finish cracks at the neck joint with the same line of glue across the back of the heel. I'm convinced it's not a repair, but I'll leave all this info in the listing) It's got a great neck angle and I actually didn't notice until recently. Looks like a very old "just in case" repair that doesn't affect play. The peghead veneer's finish is a little cloudy from age, but not bad. I've shown in the photo. Frets are in good shape and the truss rod is also in good working condition. 

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