Chicken Pickin' Broadway

Regular price $999.99

Good morning! I made your favorite: a 2000's Epiphone Broadway with a side of eggs. I'm hungry just looking at it. I've upgraded this one with a custom 1-of-a-kind fried egg pickguard, chicken head knobs, Alnico 2 P-90 pickups, Grover Imperial tuners, CTS pots, Orange Drop capacitors, and a tailpiece that reminded me of a fork. It's a great sounding and playing guitar that I've owned for years. These Broadways originally come with 2 humbuckers, but I've converted it to a couple P-90's for a thoroughly authentic vintage tone. Nice and twangy in the Bridge position, and singing like a bell in the Neck. 

It's in nice shape with a handful of small finish imperfections that you can only feel, not see. There is a light bit of finish checking and light finish scratches on the headstock, as pictured. It was a factory 2nd for some reason, and thus has a "new" serial number over the old one, so I don't know the exact factory this guitar was made in. It's had a few tailpieces in its lifetime, so there are a couple plugged screw holes below the tailpiece. Not uncommon, but I had to mention it. A previous owner unfortunately glued the bridge to the top, but a tune-o-matic style bridge makes things easy. Thankfully it was glued in the exact right spot. Works great! 

This big 17" archtop will ship in a nice, fitted hardcase! 

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