CC Epiphone Backdate No. 005

Regular price $1,499.99

Modded in-house by 1929, we've got a 90's Epiphone Broadway in the uncommon Sunburst color. We've Backdated it to a Hank Garland-type setup: a Charlie Christian pickup in the neck and a P-90 in the bridge. The CC pickup was made by Pete Biltoft  with a 3-point mount (custom wound to our specs), and the P-90 is a Seymour Duncan Antiquity. The warmth of the CC pickup and the growly twang of the P-90 mix together in the middle position for a great spanky 50's tone. One can see how a session player like Garland would be able to cover many bases with one guitar like this. We also installed a gold Gibson Byrdland style tailpiece, Gibson style knobs, a hand bound cream vintage pearl celluloid pickguard (like Hank Garland's) made by in-house by 1929, new bridge, new wiring, CTS pots, paper in oil capacitors, and a Switchcraft jack. And new Gotoh tuners with cream buttons for the vintage look. All the good stuff. Includes a hardcase!

This is a USED guitar that has been modified. For a ~25-year-old guitar, it's in very nice shape. It has just a couple small nicks and dings in the finish like any used guitar, but nothing major. I made a small matte black plastic plate to cover the top section of the neck humbucker route since the route is a little taller than the CC pickup. I forget it's there, but I should mention it. It blends in pretty well with the darkness of the Sunburst. Frets are in good shape and the truss rod is also in good working condition. The headstock is stamped "USED" making the guitar a factory 2nd. I'm unable to find a specific issue with the guitar, so I assume it was labeled as such for a small finish blemish. 

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