Bound L-48 / L-50 Guard

Regular price $129.99

I decided to make an "L-48 Plus" guard, as they never came with binding like this. It looks pretty slick and would level up the look of any L-50 or L-48. This is the exact guard you will receive! Color is dark red tortoise celluloid with 1-ply binding in Cream. This pickguard is made to fit the Gibson L-48 and L-50, but it'll fit any 16-inch non-cutaway archtop guitars, such as Loar Lh-600, LH-300, Eastman, Kay, Harmony, Kalamazoo, Recording King, etc. 

I ship my archtop pickguards undrilled to match all applications. Each guard is fully cut and polished by hand. 

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