Black Super 300 Guard

Regular price $199.99

This exact guard is IN STOCK (just one) and ready to ship! Skip the weeks-long build time! It's my take on a bound Super 300 pickguard, since the originals only came with beveled black/white guards. Owning a '51 Super 300 myself, I think they're worthy of a bound guard so I decided to start offering these. They're the same shape as the Super 400 guard, but with a 3-ply binding scheme to match the more modest appointments of the Super 300 model. This one is gloss black with cream/black/cream binding.

From my general Super 400 guard listing:

The Gibson Super 400 pickguard is the epitome of elegance. With its unique shape and history of striking and bold materials, this 5-ply hand bound guard is an aesthetic powerhouse. Each bound Gibson guard has the option to upgrade to "Blackout" binding that includes a wider black binding layer, an attractive style which Gibson only used for certain years and models. This is a replacement pickguard for the Gibson Super 400, but it will fit and really level up the look of any 17 or 18-inch archtop. The guard measures about 10" long.  

I ship my guards undrilled to match all applications. Each guard is fully cut and polished by hand. Material pattern will vary between each guard. I use two layers to create the thickest outer binding layer, as Epiphone and Gibson have done. I find it lasts longer this way. 

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