Gabagool Loar LH-350

Regular price $790.00

Video Demo:

Here we have a very nice The Loar LH-350 that we've converted to fully acoustic. I've removed the factory neck-mounted humbucker and electronics because it sounded so good acoustically. I gave it an ES-175 style tailpiece and a shortened early L-5 shaped pickguard made from a Super 400-esque "Gabagool" colored material created here in house at 1929. 

This one has what I would describe as a "thick" tone. Just sounds chunky and full-bodied. Good solid low end for a 16" guitar. These are carved spruce top with a ply maple back, and a mahogany neck. The neck on these are slimmer, like an electric guitar. The non-cutaway Loar necks tend to have very hard V-shape, but this is a normal C shaped profile.

It's in really nice condition with just a couple small surface scratches/marks. One is a scratch under the pickguard, and the other one I could find is a half inch long mark on the edge of the neck heel. I've tried to photograph these, but they're pretty hard to get clearly. Ships with a hard case! 

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