1947 Gibson L-12

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Up for sale is my 1947 Gibson L-12. The L-12 sat right below the L-5 in the line. It's all about the sunburst back, sides, and 3-piece neck. This is the nicest sounding, most versatile, and most dynamic 17" guitar I've come across. I've had it for a couple years and have had no issues. Plays like a dream! 

This thing is nearly all original, with the exception of the Pickguard and bracket, which I made and installed. Factory gold hardware, rosewood fretboard and bridge, and that cool old script logo still found on this transitional year guitar. Nice thick wavy flame figuring on the back and sides. The neck is fairly meaty, a nice full C shape. 

I purchased this guitar after a local luthier had owned it for a while and given it a regret and neck reset. Many decades ago, this guitar was sat on (my guess). There were cracks in the back, side and top. It was meticulously repaired at the time, and they even went as far as to remove the label inside, fix the crack underneath, and re-affix the label over the crack. Someone really cared about this guitar and had it repaired very well. There's a little respray from that incident on the top, but it plays and sounds phenomenal. Neck angle is great and never had a headstock repair. 

Comes in a high quality hardshell case!


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